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Dec 12, 2019 17:12:32
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Nh_ng M_u _n Trang Tr "th_i B_ng S_c S_ng" Cho Khng Gian Auction ID: 413501

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Seller location: Brazil
Ends in: 4 days, 14 hours
(Dec 17, 2019 - 07:33)
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Current Bid: 20.00 USD
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    Tham kh_o phong cch Thi_t k_ bi_t th_ ph_ bi_n nh_t th_ k_ 21Ty thu_c vo phong cch thi_t k_ n_i th_t, chng ta l_i c s_ l_a ch_n _n chm v_i cc hnh dng v s_c mu l_p lnh, h_a ti_t n_i b_t khc nhau. __ c thm nh_ng thi_t k_ hon h_o cho n_i th_t ngi nh, hy gh th_m website c_a chng ti th__ng xuyn h_n __ c_p nh_t nh_ng tin t_c h_u ch v nng h_i nh_t. Khi ___c thi_t k_ v b_ tr trong m_t c_n phng v_i nh_ng gam mu sng, _n chm phng khch mang __n m_t khng gian s_ng __ng tuy_t v_i. Bi vi_t d__i _y t_ ki_n trc s_ 9X Interior s_ gi_i thi_u cho b_n nh_ng m_u _n trang tr "th_i b_ng s_c s_ng" cho khng gian ngi nh. M_t m_o nh_ gip _nh l_a c_m gic s_ gy _n t__ng r_t m_nh __i v_i cc v_ khch v b_n b khi t_i th_m nh.

    Ban tuong da my nghe trangCam k_t b_n s_ nh_n ___c hng s_m nh_t. C_t dy _ hai __u khi c_n thi_t v_i my c_t dy v xo_n chng l_i v_i nhau __ __m b_o n s_ gi_ ___c. Chng ti s_ tm cho b_n nh! Ngoi ra chng ti cn cung c_p r_t nhi_u m_u _n chm gi r_ nh_m _p _ng t_i _a ha m_i nhu c_u tiu dng c_a qu khch hng trong v ngoi khu v_c. _n th_y tinh v pha l _a d_ng cc lo_i hnh dng, chng t__ng t_ nh_ nh_ng tc ph_m ngh_ thu_t __y _n t__ng. Ty vo nhu c_u s_ d_ng m b_n c th_ l_a ch_n nh_ng m_u _n chm c_ _i_n hay ki_u _n chm hi_n __i v_i ki_u dng, m_u m v ch_t li_u _a d_ng, khc nhau. N_u mu_n t_o ra nhi_u h_n 1 qu_ bng Ging Sinh, b_n nn c_t nhi_u dy hnh ch_ nh_t nh_ b_n c_n.

    B_n c th_ c_n nhi_u h_n m_t b_ _n __ qu_n __y __ hay th_m ch t_o ra m_t bi_n th_ c mu s_c th v_. Phong cch chu u, tiu chu_n ch_ng n__c, Quy cch 1 b_ di 10m 20 _ui _n, __u cu_i c __u ch_ __ c_m sang dy ti_p theo, r_t ti_n lo_i trang tr chi_u sng ngoi tr_i. _n LED trang tr __p m_t, sang tr_ng, ph h_p v_i khun vin ngi nh, qun _n, cc b_a ti_c, s_ ki_m thm n_i b_t v thu ht. _n treo tr_n khng ch_ th_p sng v n_nh khng gian kho lo, m n cn ___c xem nh_ thi_t b_ trang tr, t _i_m cho nh_ng v_t d_ng n_i th_t khc trong phng. Diamond Lighting - _n trang tr gi x__ng chuyn cung c_p cc s_n ph_m _n chm, _n th_, _n t__ng, _n m tr_n, _n led, _n g__ng, _n decor, _n bn v_i gi t_t nh_t. M_t trong s_ cc lo_i _n trang tr mang __n s_ hi_n __i v ti_n nghi cng khng gian thong _ng nh_t cho cc c_n phng _ l s_ d_ng _n _p tr_n, _p t__ng.

    Nh_ ti_t ki_m _i_n n_ng v th_i gian ho_t __ng b_n b_ nn dng _n trang tr cn ___c _nh gi cao _ khu gi_m chi ph thay th_, s_a ch_a v _i_n n_ng cho ng__i dng. Ngoi ra, cn __m b_o y_u t_ khng b_c x_, t h_ h_ng nn thn thi_n v_i mi tr__ng thin nhin. C th_ kh_ng __nh r_ng _n LED trang tr mang __n nhi_u _u _i_m v_ tnh th_m m_, __ chi_u sng v thn thi_n v_i mi tr__ng, ti_t ki_m _i_n n_ng nn ___c nhi_u ng__i ch_n l_a. Khng ch_ gip trang tr cho khng gian gia _nh m nh_ng chi_c _n trang tr cn ___c _nh gi cao trong vi_c l_p __y kho_ng t_i m cc lo_i _n khc khng th_ chi_u sng ___c. Nh_ng lo_i _n th_ ny th__ng ___c k_t h_p t_ pha l v kim lo_i l_p lnh v lung linh, ho nhong h_n cho khng gian. Ki_u nh_ _ang qu_n m_t mn qu, t_o ra m_t s_ kh_p n_i t_ cc __u m_ c_a _ng dy v x_p chng l_i v_i nhau.

    _ ph__ng Ty m_u _n ny ___c dng ch_ y_u t_ n_ng l__ng m_t tr_i m_c _ch ti_t ki_m ti nguyn. Nh_ng chi_c _n g_ trang tr c_a Woodlight __u ___c s_n xu_t th_ cng v_i s_ l__ng gi_i h_n, nh_m __m b_o m_i chi_c _n lun __t __n __ hon h_o nh_t. M_t trong s_ nh_ng phong cch m_i l_ cho khng gian, _n g_ trang tr l _i_m nh_n nh_m mang t_i s_ sang tr_ng v thanh l_ch cho khng gian n_i th_t, __c bi_t l phng khch ho_c phng _n. M_u _n ny gip mang __n cho khu v_c ngoi tr_ tr_ nn __p m_t v tinh t_ h_n nh_ _n trang tr qun cafe, _n LED trang tr phim tr__ng. V d_ nh_ v_i nh_ng khng gian c __ _m cao nh_ phng t_m th nn dng _n m tr_n __ __m b_o an ton v ti_t ki_m di_n tch. V _i_u quan tr_ng nh_t l ph_i ch_n _n phng khch hi_n __i sng _ng - sng __ - sng __p.

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    Country: Brazil
    Escrow conditions: Use Escrow, Will Accept International Escrow
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    Starting Bid: 20.00 USD

    Auction started: Dec 10, 2019 - 07:33
    Auction ends: Dec 17, 2019 - 07:33
    Auction ID: 413501

    Auction category: All > Full Websites