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Dec 12, 2019 17:11:39
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    We loved each other. In addition to dating, we had our sexuality. Our house was available during the day. We met with Özlem almost every day in our house and made love until the evening. We started by kissing first. Then I was undressing and going to my room. I was lying completely naked on my bed and waiting for Özlem. When Özlem came into my room, she started to undress in front of me. First he took off his blouse, then he took off his pants. Then he stood in front of me with a bra and panties. Her body was fishy. Her belly spilled gently over her panties to make my dick look like stone.

    But he did not stop, turning me upside down, my back, started kissing, licking, descending, kissing my butt, sucking my back hole by opening it, he put his finger in my hole, I liked it for the first time I tasted something like this. . Between my two legs, opening the lips of my peach, kissing, sucking and began to insert and remove his finger, I was enjoying great, in the meantime, my point at the point at me and began to go crazy.
    He straightened up and took my leg under my shoulder, began to rub his penis, I was begging for it to enter, all of a sudden, he burned in pain, and my screams echoed in the room. What a great feeling it was, I could not bear it any more, I clung to him tightly and shaken, I began to discharge.

    He said, "You've always had problems with your drink because you're bad."
    - I'm tired of solving it, but I'm tired of the pressure now aunt I'm tired of myself I could not be a kind of passive people, I'm not even a tight friend out there ..
    - Don't worry, I'm in.

    then I put my head on his shoulder and started to talk about it that way, but I was still in the good role_ I was looking for the opportunity, but I couldn't dare.
    My aunt said I go to bed. I asked him if I could look at the PC. I went to the PC and tried to satisfy myself by watching the online porn video ... I needed someone 's hair ... I got mad courage I went to cut my aunt' s hair with my scissors .. my aunt was asleep ... I went into the room quietly. I thought how to explain this,

    Now we were alone, he called me, I was trembling with fear, he kissed his hand, he asked me to sit next to him. I began to love my face with his hands, began to touch my hair, slowly laid me down on the sofa next to me. In the meantime, I had been pleasantly as if I wanted to make love.

    Slowly, as she took off her bra, she came up to me and started kissing me on the lips. That's when his tits were in my hand. Özlem_s breasts were soft. The nipples were light brown and swollen. He was playing with my cock while I was stroking his tits. Then it was his turn. While I was slowly taking off her panties with both hands, Özlem was saying I love you my love. Özlem's pussy was hairy. Özlem's pussy was very nice to me because the cats of my previous girlfriends were hairless. When we were both naked, my first job was to lay Özlem on the bed and watch her body. What a beauty she was. Slight chubby tits, slightly protruding belly and gorgeous hairy cunt.

    But I didn't have anything to take away. In the meantime, my female organ, something took, gave me some medicines and asked me to use them regularly. When he came and picked me up, I was very tired, but I was very happy, I told him that he prayed and gave me medicine, of course I could never say that he fucked me wonderfully, I kept it a secret. After three months I had gone and fucked me in the same way (although I never wanted to come inside), I became pregnant with the medication and had a son.

    took off my jeans, unbuttoned, took off underwear. , I was driven, moaning and writhing beneath me. When I saw it, I was very scared. Stabbed it in my mouth, because I didn't know, I didn't want to take it, but he forced it in my mouth, asked me to suck it and caress the rounds beneath it, I did what I said, after a while, I started to moan and shake in my mouth, had to swallow He said that these are vitamins and I will see the benefits.

    - Did you eat your breakfast?
    -yes I did..
    he approached behind the table while picking up my arms and grasped his waist ba_la I started kissing his neck_
    -Wait, wait for the evening
    - let's do something when there is no one in the boy, but the taste of my last night remained on my palate
    - I said these things are not always going to happen anytime .. Learn to be patient now ..
    -May you know it won't be as short as last night?
    - I wish he said
    -hay wish haa tmm then I see you in the evening I'm going out I want the individual I said
    - he said no

    A little later, he came out of me and began to ejaculate with grunts. I was so tired. He reached out to me and we started hugging wildly. In the meantime, I saw the old woman come in and when we were kissing, she came to me, without talking, pouring a liquid into my feminine organ, I startled, but I didn't have the power to prevent it. Then I drove a cream in my back hole and went out the woman. The teacher told me that fluid would help him become a child. We had sex for a while, Hodja, a little later from behind, saying he would do, by inserting his finger first, widened my hole and slowly inserting his penis was very depressed, I begged him to come out, but as I pushed it out, as if I took pain and relieved. When I squeezed my nipples, in the meantime, I came for the third time. He came out of my back, he reached for me. a great night and fully lived my femininity. found me and my body great, said he enjoyed it so I said.

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    Country: Austria
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    Starting Bid: 62.00 USD

    Auction started: Dec 11, 2019 - 19:31
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    Auction ID: 386731

    Auction category: All > Domain Names