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    The paper also describes the severity and categorization of such cyber attacks and the causal effect on the human worker safety during human robot collaboration. Attacks in three dimensions of availability, authentication and confidentiality are proposed as the basis of a consolidated mitigation plan. We propose a security framework based on a two pronged strategy where the impact of this methodology is demonstrated on a teleoperation benchmark (NeCS Car).

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    To, who was born in Guangdong, China, and raised in Hong Kong, immigrated to Vancouver in 1974. For two years and later rejoined the organization in 1987 as its executive director and then CEO. Lee Seniors Care Home, Chieng's Adult Day Centre, operation of the Harmony House Assisted Living Residence, international accreditation and service expansion such as the airport reception service for new immigrants inside Vancouver International Airport, and the launch of employment programs, according to the organization.
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