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Feb 17, 2019 14:50:00
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Waterproof Casing is very popular with a vast number of industries, an Auction ID: 157898

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    iPhone 7 plus waterproof case casing can be as simple like a plastic or polythene bag, where the item is inserted and also the bag sealed at one end, to modern-day types of waterproof casing such as specially constructed suitcases or camera cases, which are manufactured to top quality specifications and many of those, will offer you some extent of security.

    iphone 7 plus waterproof caseWaterproof casing can be used on a wide selection of products, which may include, keys, cell phones, cameras, iPods and luggage. Other waterproof casing products are, suitcases, backpacks, and submersible camera protection etc, to mention just a few.

    Water-resistant or water- proof refers to objects which are unaffected by water or resisting water, or which are covered with a fabric that does not allow water or resists water entry. Such items or objects can be utilized in wet environments or underwater. Some modern items may be water-proofed by applying water repellent coatings or sealed with O-rings or gaskets.

    Some fabrics are produced to be water-proof which could resist water droplets and at the same time allow water vapour through. This type of fabric is known as breathable fabric. The fabric is able to block out rain and snow and permit sweat to evaporate through the underside of the material.

    Water-proof casing describes any kind of water-proofing, and also the methods for accomplishing this are vast. Some of them can include:

    o Water-proof sprays & coatings

    o Water-proof fabrics & membranes

    o Plastic casings

    Many types of materials and items have been adapted to be water resistant or water-proof and some of those can include:

    o Building materials ; cement, concrete etc

    o Fabrics; raincoats, camping equipment, bags etc.

    o Transport equipment; boxes, crates, suit cases etc.

    o Ship & sailboat equipment; hulls, portholes etc

    o Water containment; water tanks, plastic containers etc.

    Water-proof casings cover a massive product range due to the wide range of water-proofing applications available.

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    Starting Bid: 80.00 USD

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    Auction ID: 157898

    Auction category: All > Domain Names