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    marketing technologyMarketing is ahighly dynamic landscape due in part to the rapid technological innovation that takes place in these modern times. Consequently, marketing technology (or martech) that comes as a result of such innovation opens the door of endless possibilities for future marketing endeavors. Along with the emerging popularity of various social media outlets as marketing platform, such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as the omnipresence of smartphones and handheld devices through which marketers can engage with prospects, the task of modern marketing becomes much less a walk in the park.
    However, majority of marketers at present do not fully leverage the possibilities of thistechnological precedence, partially due to their reluctance in experimenting with all the available_albeit not yet well-established_toolsor inability to determine which tool works best for them.Not knowing what works and what does not can be problematic at times, especially marketers who think that more technology is the last thing they will ever going to need. That being said, nothing should stop marketers from maximizing your marketing campaign to the fullest by taking a leap of faith into the uncharted territory of what modern martech has to offer. With that in mind, some of the world_s renowned experts has offered their professional thoughts and opinions on what possibilities the future of marketing landscape holds, and also to suggest which technology is ideal to accomplish marketing goals.
    One such technology comes in the form ofan enhanced marketing campaign through automation, which, if done correctly, can work wonders for any aspiring marketer in order to get better results. By relying on automation that utilizes chat bots and AI-based optimization to accomplish various technical tasks,marketers will be able to identify digital behavior of any prospect and provide reaction accordingly. Automation will also enable marketers to draw effective customer journey without spending too much expenses, though it comes with a qualifier that automation only makes it easier for marketers to interact with customers until the time when the direct conversation with a real person comes.
    With the likelihood that technological innovation paves way to smarter applications, the implementation of video is also considered as a perfect complimentary to any marketer_s campaign. In fact, it is so much so that marketing without featuring any video nowadays is rather ineffective according to modern marketing standards, considering that almost every hand-held device has video-playing capabilities_not to mention social media outlets as platforms on which notable videos can goviral in seconds. And by leveraging video_s live-streaming capabilities, marketers can create even more engaging experience in order to make their campaign more immersive.
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    The marketing landscape has always been a constantly changing field, and it is even more so nowadays as the current technological development results in such fledgling innovations as augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Along with the prevalence of social media outlets_through which one can emulate meaningful real-life interactions, the marketing landscape gradually makes its way to a more sophisticated level. In the course of a few years, it is widely speculated that there will be aninnumerable amount of marketing solutions available for all marketers, old and new, to make use of as they please. Truly this is a good time for marketers worldwide.
    Unfortunately, some marketers do not derive much benefit from the possibilities of modern technological advancements. One likely cause of it is that the marketers do not possess a clue of what to expect with the marketing technology (martech)_s untapped potential. They are unsure of what to do, whether to adjust to the modern martech right away and potentially lose more or exercise a wait-and-see approach until it is well-established while risk the chance of being left behind by competitors. Thus, in order to provide them with some degree of valuable insight, some of the world_s experts offer their professional thoughts on what sort of possibilities the future of marketing landscape may bring, as well as suggestionsonwhat makes an ideal marketing strategy.
    In regards to the future of marketing, one theory suggests that it will not be much different from what we have now, albeit with a heavier emphasis on personalized communication.For one thing, the use of interaction-based content is predicted to be much more ubiquitous instead of relying on mere ads to drive engagement with prospects. It is believed that by relying on more personalized content rather than ads, marketers will be more likely to gain customers_ loyalty, as long as the content itself is relevant to ways to optimize the costumer_s experience with a product that he/she is interested in.In addition, the future marketing goals will also include custom audience, custom messaging and delivery as the utmost priorities for marketers in order to maintain their real-time relevancy on the marketplace.
    And lastly, with the marketing landscape being the way it is now, chances are influencers will gain much more prominence than ever. As proven data indicates that people shows more trust when recommendation that comes to them is more personal, influencers can be utilizedas a solution to make more personalized communications with prospects and dramatically improve overall marketing results.
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    The marketing landscape is always changing largely due to the constant development of new and better marketing technology (martech). Furthermore, the unrelenting progression of technology in general, which gives birth to such marvels as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), leads to the martech of today evolving even faster by the minute_thus makes today an interesting time for marketers to live in. Also, it would most likely be that from now on, due to the evolving nature of technology and by the time we are truly capable to emulate meaningful interactions or relationships through social media platforms, there will be a myriad of marketing solutions available for all marketers to take advantage of.
    In keeping with that spirit, we have talked with some of the world_s experts in digital marketing and ask their opinion pertaining to the future development of martech and its implementation.
    In regards to VR and AI as part of modern martech, it is specifically believed that AI development in upcoming years may enable marketers to learn how prospects and customers interact with their websites and apps, as well as play roles in showing up results on Google and other search engines. In addition, AI-driven tools will also enable marketers to perform better on their marketing campaign and help them make informed decisions on a daily basis.
    Furthermore, AI-based application and AI-assisted video content marketing will eventually be the new norm of marketing as technology that support streaming improves over time.
    This potential development comes with a drawback, however, as AI development_or technological innovation in general, for that matter_may inadvertently put forefront giants such as Google and Facebook, instead of smaller entities,in an even more advantageous position. Such setback may lead to a marketing exodus wherein startups and small businesses switch to newer platforms to accommodate their needs.
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    Marketing is commonly known to be ever-evolving, as it hinges on around following and forecasting the needs and wants of customers as well as prospects. Along with the technological development of today_indicated by the emergence of machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence, marketing grows more sophisticated yet becomes even more accessible at the same time. Some experts would even argue thatmarketers nowadays are entering the so-called Golden Age of Marketing precisely because of how technology has progressed over the past years.
    Naturally, the most successful businesses are the ones that are able to predict trends and adapt strategies accordingly, and sometimes knowing what their prospects want before they do. To that effect, marketers will eventually be required to be more creative and knowledgeable than ever before. Their success will in large part be determined by their ability to think ahead and come up with unique solutions made from a wide variety of what marketing technology (martech) has to over. And on a side note, it is also expected that marketers, as well as technologists, who are versatile in using various types of tools are going to be in high demand in years_or even months_ahead.
    As for the marketing vehicle, it is becoming more and more apparent that there will be huge shifts in the way people consume and produce marketing content, especially prospects who will prefer types of content that are more concise_like short video or audio blog, for instance. Impression plays huge role in maintaining brand awareness, and interesting videos most likely can get the job done more efficiently. And on a side note,it is also estimated that web designers will be highly sought after as means to develop website are becoming more accessible to everyone.
    However, it is predicted that there will be a slight downside over this, as small and medium-sized businesses or start ups may not have ample resources tocarefully review each and every available martech, thus preventing them from feasibly getting the most of it.And there might possibly be a small retraction within the industry because of this, though fortunately, a workaround of consolidation via merger or purchase among tech vendors may serve as a solution to overcome it.
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